Public sector

We help deliver vital public infrastructure to help build stronger communities.
We work with public sector partners to guide important infrastructure projects through the planning process. Taking a collaborative approach with councils and communities helps us to understand the needs of all parties and deliver the projects required.
New primary school
Village development


Located at the foot of the Malverns in the AONB, the village of Colwall was educating its children in portacabins after its century-old primary school was damaged beyond repair in floods. The environment was not good for learning and it was costly to the council.

After complications involving competing requirements between the neighbourhood plan design guide and the council’s desired approach, we worked collaboratively with Quattro Design Architects to guide the project through a complex planning process.

We carried out a thorough round of community consultation to ensure local buy-in, resolving problems around the site and the proposed look and feel of the building. This helped us take the application through to successful determination, giving the village a school that it badly needed with a design that was sensitive to the local area.