We are proud of our record in the rural economy and our role in the countryside.
Whether we are advising on agricultural development, diversification projects or redevelopment, we know how the right approach to get results. We have a history of working with agricultural advisors and agents which gives us valuable links and insight to the community, as does our membership of the CLA, AVA and support for the Royal Agricultural University.
Redundant farm buildings
Succession planning
Diversification scheme

Upcote Farm

We take pride in our knowledge of the rural market and an ability to immerse ourselves in the projects of our clients. Our history of working with the rural community and farmers means we can play the important role of a trusted personal advisor.

Nowhere was this more the case than at Upcote Farm, where our client wanted to retain the family property by diversifying from sheep farming into a wedding venue on a 250-acre site.

We navigated a challenging brief which included historic farm buildings that were inappropriate for conversion. We also developed a compelling case, arguing for conversion of a modern structure into the main venue, veering away from the accepted wisdom at that time and using innovative responses to the planning challenge.

The result was a stunning conversion of multiple agricultural buildings which benefit not just the family, but the wider local economy by creating jobs in the service sector.