Health care

We help put in place the amenities that support communities and provide much needed medical care for our population.
We work with various care providers to help them implement new and or improved infrastructure in order to provide the very best medical facilities for the community.
This is achieved through a collaborative approach where we endeavour to understand the needs and desires of all interested parties to achieve the best outcome.
Two doctor’s surgeries merged into one state of the art medical centre.
Planning Policy implementation and community consultation
Flood Zone 2 Loss of Public open Space

Stourport Medical Centre

McLoughlin Planning was part of a team led by West Hart Partnership, assisting in the securing of planning permission for a new state-of-the-art medical centre for Stourport, on behalf of GB Partnerships.

The need for the new practice was driven by the merger of the town’s two doctor’s surgeries. Our services related to providing the planning policy justification for the new Medical Centre, balancing the loss of Public Open Space and the partial location of the site in Flood Zone 2 with the compelling need for a new medical centre in the town. Our work drew heavily on previous experience of reviewing public open provision for the town and government guidance requiring the provision of essential infrastructure.

Construction work began during July 2020 and when completed, will provide a medical centre capable of meeting the needs of 21,500 patients.