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Initial Feasibility Work

We never charge for that initial conversation and investigation into your site or development and we always give you a free initial assessment of your chances of success.

We have extensive experience of carrying out site appraisals and reporting on development potential, advising land owners and assessing sites to identify development opportunities and any constraints that may impact return on investment.

Combining a history of experience with continual professional development, including a keen interest in current planning decisions, planning law and policy, gives our team a very good handle on planning success. Working day in and day out with local planning officers we curate good, respectful working relationships with the team that will decide your application.

Using lateral thinking and innovation to explore means of overcoming any challenges in your application. Always mindful of the optimal use of strategy and tactics to ensure that the content of development proposals are best placed for success. We can guide you through your obligations and any requirements when submitting an application and ensure that your proposals are in line with current planning law and policy requirements.

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