5 Year Housing Supply Issues for Tewkesbury Borough Council

During the Fiddington Public Inquiry on 11th June 2019, Tewkesbury Borough Council agreed they could no longer demonstrate a 5 year supply of housing.

The Appellant deemed a supply of 2.77 years and the Council concluded a supply of 4.33 years. Notwithstanding this, the Council accepted “that the extent of the shortfall is substantial on either assessment”, and that the relevant housing policies within the Development Plan are now out-of-date.

As a result, future housing applications will be assessed under Paragraph 11d of the National Planning Policy Framework, which requires a housing application to be determined in line with the presumption in favour of sustainable development. This means approving applications where the policies for determining them are out-of-date, unless the level of harm caused would be so significant to justify refusal.

Landowners in Tewkesbury Borough Council district are now well placed to review planning permission on their site. If you would like a free, no obligation consultation on your options, please contact Nathan McLoughlin on 01242 895008.