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Planning Appeals

Sometimes, despite all our best efforts, a planning case officer will refuse an application. If this happens we will guide you through the reasons for refusal and advise you on your options for next steps. 

Based on our extensive experience and knowledge of planning case law, we may advise you to appeal the case officer’s decision.

Our planning appeal and expert witness work includes:

  • Developing a customised appeal strategy
  • Liaison with and instruction of Counsel
  • Managing professional teams, including the coordination of proofs of evidence
  • Expert witness proofs of evidence and appeal statements
  • Acting as an expert Witness at Planning appeal
  • Statements of Common Ground and negotiation with or on behalf of local authorities
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How Long do Appeals Take?

The opportunity to appeal should normally be regarded as a last resort to challenge a negative decision made by the Local Planning Authority. However, this option offers a useful opportunity to ensure all avenues have been exhausted by having your case considered by a Planning Inspector, who has no relation to the Council.

Both the applicant and Council can be liable in some instances to costs applications during the appeal process. If an Inspector grants costs, then this means the losing party is required to cover the winning party’s costs for work undertaken during the appeal process. It is therefore even more vital to ensure your case is robust before proceeding.

Planning appeal decisions can vary in timeframes depending on the type of planning appeal and nature of the case, but as a guideline; written representation appeals normally take 5-8 months, and hearings or Public Inquiries may  take 7-12 months.

If you are unsure whether a planning appeal or a resubmission is the right way forward for your proposal, then please contact our planning consultants to discuss your case.

We never charge for that initial conversation and investigation into your site or development and we always give you a free initial assessment of your chances of success.

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Why Choose Us?

Experience and know how to best advise if an appeal is worthwhile.

Established and strong working relationships with the legal team you need.

Understanding of financial constraints, we will not run "run free' with clients budget.

Our team of planning consultants have developed strong and well established working relationships with a trusted team of wider experts to assist in your appeal.

We bring together Barristers, Highways Consultants, Ecologists, Sustainability Consultants, Arboriculturist; Landscape Architect and Visualisers where needed to support an appeal.

We don’t run free with our client’s money, if we have advised you that there is a case for appeal then we truly think that you have a chance for success and that decision is based on our expertise that will steer you through the preparation, submission and management of the appeal process.


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Retail & Public Sector

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We help deliver vital public infrastructure to help build stronger communities.

We work with various public sector partners, including local government, Town and Parish Councils and County Councils, to guide important infrastructure projects through the planning process. Taking a collaborative approach with councils and communities helps us understand all parties' needs and deliver the projects required.


Commercial Icon

A thriving economy is reliant on a buoyant commercial sector - we help deliver the permissions companies need.

We have comprehensive experience in promoting commercial sites for different uses across a diverse range of locations and overcoming a variety of scenarios. Our approach and expertise seek to understand and address environmental and social factors to maintain the integrity of our clients while ensuring the timely delivery of projects.

Residential Development

Housing icon

We get results on a wide range of development projects – from single homes up to strategic sites.

Our expertise in supporting development projects from single homes up to strategic sites allows us to work on one of the biggest challenges the UK experiences; delivering housing to meet demand. We take an innovative, collaborative and strategic approach to sites in developed and undeveloped areas, including those that are allocated for homes and others in the promotion phase.

Health Care

Health Care Icon

We help put in place the amenities that support communities and provide much needed medical care for our population.

We work with care providers on projects helping them implement or improve infrastructure in order to provide the very best medical facilities for the community. Experience shows us that a collaborative approach is required to understand the needs and desires of all interested parties and to achieve the best outcome.

Rural & Estates

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We are proud of our record in the rural economy and our role in the countryside.

Our expertise includes offering advice on agricultural development, diversification and redevelopment projects for rural clients and estate managers. We have experience working with agricultural advisors and agents, giving us valuable links and insight into the community. Our membership of the CLA, AVA and support for the RAU is invaluable to our work.

Private Client

Private Client Icon

We guide our private clients through the planning system to realise their hopes and dreams.

Our highly experienced consultants offer their expertise and discretion to guide private clients to realise their hopes and dreams. We take the time to get to know our clients and work out how to achieve their project ambitions on time and on budget.

Home Owner

Home Owner Icon

Create the home you want and need

We work with homeowners and their architects or designers to offer comprehensive support in obtaining planning permission for their home modifications, extensions or outbuildings; an area particularly popular with the increased numbers of people choosing to work from home in recent years.

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Our clients

Our focus is our clients, delivery results and building lasting relationships. Since our foundation in 2009, we’ve worked with a breadth of clients that stretch from individuals realising a development aspiration to FTSE 100 listed companies with dedication to our client’s needs at the core of every engagement.


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