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We are an independent, results focused consultancy and have expansive experience of many areas of planning consultancy. Providing the best advice to anyone who asks us is at the heart of what we do. Our approach is always guided by our three values of Integrity, Innovation and Intelligence.


Planning Enforcement

Try not to panic, but don’t ignore an enforcement notice. Usually, you have 21-28 days from the date the notice is served to respond. Please speak to us, we can carry out a free review of your case and advise on your best next steps.

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Permitted Development & Prior Approval

Permitted Development and Prior approval can be very useful, they can be quick and cost effective. Our team has years of experience of where these can be used effectively and cost efficiently for clients or where other means of gaining legal approval for a development is more appropriate for long term aspirations and needs.

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Planning Appeals

Sometimes, despite all our best efforts, a planning case officer will refuse an application. If this happens we will guide you through the reasons for refusal and advise you on your options for next steps.

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Development Planning & Land Promotion

Informed long term strategic advice and land promotion. We watch local authorities for their call for sites and their land supply figures to ensure we can best advise our clients on their site.

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Planning Consultancy

We never charge for that initial conversation; you get a free initial assessment of your chances of success. Our team are friendly, approachable and has the experience and dedicated interest in planning decisions, law, and policy to give you expert advice.

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Planning Application & Permission

Our job is planning, we do nothing else, so we get to know inside out how councils look at applications, so our clients can be assured that their application has been submitted with all the correct content and documents, giving the best chance of success.


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