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Self Build Homes

Self-Build Replacement Dwelling in the Green Belt

Following a lengthy proactive negotiation process with Tewkesbury Borough Council, we are pleased to have secured planning permission for a beautiful new self-build replacement dwelling on the doorstep of Cheltenham Racecourse.

Our client approached us with a planning application which sought to replace a post-war rendered bungalow with a new highly sustainable and beautifully designed 1.5 storey timber cladded family home.

Whilst the Council supported the design and agreed that it was high quality, there was a debate due to the proposed size of the new dwelling versus the existing home and what impact this change would have on the Green Belt and wider countryside. Concern was raised particularly in regard of the increase in ridge height.

Working closely with the applicant, we made a case on how the careful highly sustainable design responded to its context to ensure impact on the Green Belt remained very localised. Furthermore, the introduction of Class AA permitted development rights allowing the extension upwards (in addition to other PD rights), enabled us to demonstrate that the fallback position would result in a proposal which would be larger and result in greater harm than the current scheme.

We also emphasised the Government’s push to support new self-build development which has become an increasingly important planning consideration with recent recommendations coming through the Bacon Review (see our recent article on self-build here…).

Working closely with the case officer it was agreed that the proposal would provide a scheme which would comply with Green Belt policy requirements. Furthermore, working closely with the officer, we were able to reduce the number of planning conditions to help ensure the swift delivery of the development.

This is a great case study on the importance of considering your available fallback positions, including development sites in the Green Belt, and taking the time to adopt a well-considered design approach and planning strategy.

We are delighted that we could be part of the applicant’s journey in securing their new family home and believe it will provide a new attractive addition to the Cheltenham area – particularly for those passing to attend the Cheltenham races!

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