Stroud Local Plan Consultation

Stroud District Local Plan has now been published. In it the Council targets 12,800 new homes and an additional 14.4ha of employment land to be provided in the period to 2040.

The Plan represents a significant opportunity to promote land for development. This is not the final stage of consultation but the final draft Plan before the pre-submission consultation is held in the Autumn of 2020. By that time, the Council will have a definitive position on what it’s development strategy will be and what development allocations will come forward to deliver it.

There is consistency with the previous Council’s plan, they have continued to split the District into a series of Parish Clusters with housing and employment allocations and have a development strategy for each cluster. The Council uses a settlement hierarchy, that is based on the availability of services and facilities within each settlement.

The main towns of Stroud, Stonehouse, Cam and Dursley and the Gloucester Fringe are the principal focal points for growth followed by five other lower tier towns on the settlement hierarchy spread across the District

McLoughlin Planning have extensive experience in Stroud District. We are currently advising a number of landowners with interests in the District to actively consider promoting their land through the Local Plan process and would be happy to give a free intial review of any other parcels of land in the Stroud District.

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