A Planning Permission is for 3 Years and Not Just for Lockdown

We are now moving from complete lockdown and seeing the reopening of development sites (some never closed). increasingly we are seeing minds are turning to “What now” and a feeling of cautious optimism in the industry.

During lockdown it has been great to witness many LPAs carrying on “business as usual” despite the difficulties. Officers worked from home, planning departments were very much open for accepting and determining applications. We are grateful to them and their efforts as during the lockdown period. During this time we have submitted a number of applications and have already had many successfully determined (one taking a mere 35 days!).

We all know that development projects are complex, take time and managing the planning process is a key part of the process. It takes time to secure planning permission and to have any subsequent pre-commencement conditions discharged. Taking the time now to start the ball rolling will pay dividends in accelerating the realisation of the development potential and we encourage our clients to maximise this opportunity.

Remember – a planning permission can be implemented up to 3 years from date of the decision.

Strategic land (one of our specialist fields of expertise) continues unabated by the current difficulties. Just as time waits for no man, Local Development Schemes and Local Plan Reviews continue.

LPAs assemble and submit their Plans to the Secretary of State for examination. Whilst the Examinations themselves are on hold for the time being, the government has made clear its determination to have up-to-date Local Plans in place by 2023.

Unlike planning applications, strategic land promotion is bound by statutory deadlines, which cannot be missed, lockdown or not.

If you would like to discuss in more detail your development aspirations and how this time can be used positively for the post-lockdown future, do get in touch.

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All though lockdown we’ve remained open and here to talk to!