Cotswold District Council – “Call for Sites”

Much Like buses that seem to all come at once, we follow on from last week’s notification that Cheltenham borough council have released a call for sites with news that Cotswold District Council have also now issued a call for sites.

A call for sites enables the Council to compile its Strategic Assessment of Land Availability (SALA) and Brownfield Register. These help the Council to understand the amount and type of development that can be delivered through their development plan.

The Call for Sites is carried out on an annual basis and it is a great opportunity for landowners to submit their Cotswold District sites for potential future allocation in the Cotswold District Plan when it is next reviewed. Any site that is submitted will be considered for incorporation in the next stage of the preparation of the Cotswold Plan.

This Call for Sites presents a significant opportunity for landowners to put their sites forward for allocation which can improve the chances of obtaining planning permission to develop the site in the future.

We have extensive experience of making such submissions on behalf of landowners.

Please contact Nathan McLoughlin ( or 01242 895008) if you have a site that you would like us to carry out a free initial assessment on to establish its suitability for submission.

We can submit your site and provide supporting arguments explaining why your site should be allocated, ensuring a thorough, informed, case is put forward on your behalf.