Stroud Local Plan Consultation

The deadline for the submission of representations on the Stroud Local Plan is rapidly approaching on the 22nd January. We have highlighted this deadline in previous posts and in our Newsletter.

Following more detailed work on the Plan we would like to point out some of the key areas of concern.

Why does this matter?

The Plan is currently proposing housing number growth at a level that is consistent with that put forward in the Standard Method. Government guidance on the use of the Standard Method figure seeks to treat this as the minimum figure, rather than the target. In this time of the government being committed to fixing the broken housing market and based on our experience of Local Plan examinations elsewhere, doing the minimum required will cause problems.

The emerging plan does not allow for enough homes to be built.

What does this mean for a land owner or developer based in the Stroud District?

The Plan is heavily reliant on some large strategic allocations, several in very close proximity to each other. In future, the Council will have to present more robust evidence on the timings and deliverability of these allocations. Any slippage in the Plan’s adoption and/or submission and determination of these major applications will cause issues for the Council in maintaining a five year housing land supply. This will also compromise the delivery of much needed affordable housing.

The Council’s plan is ambitious in terms of some of the sites it is looking to bring forward. Our concern is that there is insufficient flexibility and lack of alternative options. This consultation presents an opportunity for land owners or developers to have their site considered, where otherwise it may have been overlooked.

We have extensive knowledge of the Stroud Local plan and can provide a free, no obligation review to assess your sites viability.

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