Vale of White Horse District Council Call for Sites

The Vale of White Horse District Council has recently launched a call for development sites as part of the review of the Local Plan 2031, which was adopted in December 2016.

A call for sites is an important part of the plan making process as it allows a Local Planning Authority to develop a detailed picture of what potential opportunities can come forward to meet future housing and commercial development requirements as posed by the Local Plan Review.

Whilst the obvious impact is it helps a LPA make a decision about allocating a site, it can also help an Authority with the question of its development strategy and settlement hierarchy, leading to new, previously dismissed opportunities coming forward.

We have considerable experience in this field and have been advising clients on the importance of responding to such exercises and the longer-term opportunities such actions could create.

The Call remains open until Friday 29 May. Please contact us to discuss this opportunity further. 0773 682 1475