Ashfield Emerging Local Plan (Reg 18) Public Consultation is underway

The Ashfield District Council Emerging Local Plan Consultation is now underway from the 4th
October 2021 through to the 16th November 2021. The Local Plan will set the policies and objectives for development throughout this District in Nottinghamshire up to the year 2038.

This emerging Plan is desperately needed for the District because a previous attempt to provide an up-to-date plan in 2016 was withdrawn. Current planning decisions are being made from a Local Plan which was adopted back in 2002.

With much of the southern area of the district lying in the Green Belt, the Council is looking to review the Green Belt as a means to deliver new housing and employment sites. This includes two proposed new settlements at Whyburn Farm and Cauldwell Road which will help deliver a fraction of the needed 8,226 new homes required over the plan period.

There remains a question as to whether sufficient housing has been allowed for in the Emerging Local Plan. The National Government’s standard housing target methodology requests more homes than has been allowed for in this Emerging Local Plan. Despite this, the Council remains of the view that the new settlements and proposed allocations in the Hucknall, Kirkby, Sutton and Selston parish areas will be sufficient.

This provides an excellent opportunity for those wanting to promote development sites in the District. Drawing on our extensive experience of strategic promotion, we offer a commitment and cost free initial conversation on the strategic land and planning options available to you.

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