Do you have a development site in Tewkesbury?

The Tewkesbury Borough Local Plan Examination in Public (EiP) commences on 16 February and runs until 17 March. and it comes at a particularly critical time for the Borough as the Borough is looking to prepare a Local Plan to deliver the detailed development policies of the Joint Core Strategy as well as provide a series of non-strategic housing allocations.

The EiP process will also coincide with the latest appeal decision on housing land supply in the Borough. We are watching with interest for the publication of the Inspectors’ decision on L&Q’s Appeal at Meade Road, Gotherington.

It became apparent during this appeal that the Borough may have less than 3 years’ worth of housing land supply, the implications of which are significant for land owners and developers in the Borough who are looking to put forward their development sites.

We get results for our clients by giving them an honest appraisal of their site and then, where appropriate, putting it forward at the local plan process. Please speak to us if you would like our highly experienced, strategic planning team to help get your site allocated and developed.