Multigenerational living: Ancillary annexe accommodation

Many families are living together for longer and looking for ways to extend their existing homes to meet their changing needs. This may be to provide care for elderly parents or space for children that have not yet been able to get on the housing ladder.

A popular solution is to simply extend the existing home, however the use of garden outbuildings or custom built ancillary “granny annexes” can also offer a solution, providing physical space, balanced with the need for personal space.

In the majority of cases, annexes are often small living spaces (bedroom, living room and a bathroom), where the occupants rely on some of the facilities of the main house to retain a link back. The sharing of facilities and obvious connection to the main house is key when Councils look at a planning applications for ancillary annexes.

Whilst Councils are generally speaking in support of annexe proposals, some (particularly in London) are mistrusting of their intended use and often request unreasonable changes or simply refuse planning permission. Whilst going to planning appeal can feel like the only option, in most cases working with the Council, without appeal and through discussion, can help secure a positive conclusion. Only when an impasse has been reached should you consider going to planning appeal.

It’s worth noting, not all annexes need planning permission (hurray!). If you have an existing large extension or an incidental outbuilding which you would like to convert to living space or other use, applying for a lawful development certificate may be sufficient and will give you peace of mind that you are on the right side of planning law before you begin work.

Choosing the right route and ensuring you have the right planning consents in place can be seem like a daunting task. With a wealth of experience in securing planning permission for new ancillary annexes, residential extensions and lawful development certificates, Mcloughlin Planning can offer you initial advice on your opportunity and support you through the planning process.

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