Pooch Perfect (with apologies to the BBC)

One of the highlights of TV last year was the BBC’s Pooch Perfect, pitting skilled dog groomers against each other to find out who was top dog in the grooming world.

We’ve done our own pooch perfect by successful winning a planning appeal against a decision by Cheltenham Borough Council to refuse retrospective planning permission for a dog grooming parlour.

We were able to demonstrate that there was no evidence to support the decision of members to contradict an Officer’s recommendation for approval and that the proposals accorded fully with the development plan, promoting small scale enterprise employing 4 people and grooming up to 10 dogs a day.

Given the modest nature of the proposal keeping costs realistic were key issues and represents the importance of providing cost effective planning advice that we understand makes or breaks someone’s livelihood.

(Picture is office dog Flossie, owned by Chris, showing how clever she is at keeping her distance in the coffee shop!)