Stroud Local Plan – Review period coming to a close

The Stroud Local Plan period runs from 2020 to 2040 (20 years) and proposes a total of 12,600 dwellings this requires the Council to find sites for 8,005 dwellings, when current commitments are taken into account.

To remedy this, the Plan currently allocates 9,065 dwellings and also includes a windfall assumption of 1275 dwellings (75 dpa). The Plan also makes allowance for 3,000 dwellings at Whaddon to meet Gloucester’s unmet housing needs.

In terms of the allocated housing sites, the Plan is heavily reliant on a series of strategic housing allocations. 7,680 dwellings are accounted for by just 7 allocations, with 2,400 identified for the new community at Sharpness alone.

Outside of these locations, the Plan provides small allocations for development in the larger villages and market towns across the district. However, this only accounts for 985 dwellings.

There is clearly a need for more development sites but the plan continues its reliance on the use of settlement boundaries with a presumption against development outside such boundaries. This places a heavy emphasis on securing allocations through the Local Plan process.

The six week consultation event will commence on 26th May 2021.

So please do speak to us as soon as possible. Getting your site allocated through the Local plan is the first step to maximising your chances of gaining permission to develop it in the future.

We are currently working with clients on various sites in the Stroud District and have excellent knowledge of the planning history of the area.

We never charge for the initial appraisal of your site and we give you an honest opinion based on our year’s of experience.

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