JCS Call for Sites

McLoughlin Planning has successfully advised landowners and their trusted advisory agents in promoting land through Call for Sites in Gloucestershire and other counties in England.

The benefit of our input is our knowledge and expertise in understanding National and emerging planning policy to make the best case possible and make your site stand out in a highly competitive marketplace.

Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, and Gloucester have jointly issued their annual “Call for Sites” to find appropriate developable land. The Call for Sites will consider the suitability of land and the amount and type of development that all the authorities can deliver through their Local Plans.

Any sites which are submitted will have the opportunity to be considered for incorporation in the next stage of plan preparation

The Call for Sites runs until midnight 14th March 2022.

Nathan McLoughlin is a specialist in this and has a long track record of adding significant value to his client’s land. He doesn’t charge for that first conversation and is more than happy take a look at your land to advise you on the next best steps. Call him on 01242 895008 or email Nathan.mcloughlin@mplanning.co.uk