Planning Permission Granted for Extension to Residential Garden and Outbuildings for Existing Barn Conversion

McLoughlin Planning is pleased to have secured planning permission for the extension of a residential garden to provide parking and the use of two historic barns as incidental outbuildings within the setting of a Grade II listed Farmhouse.

Planning permission had previously been granted for the conversion of a barn to provide a new residential home. Following this, subsequent planning applications had been submitted to provide a parking area to the front of the new property, garden land provision, and two adjoining smaller barns for use as incidental outbuildings.

However, errors were made regarding the description of the development and where the red/blue line plans had been cited on the supporting plans left. This left doubts on whether planning permission had lawfully been given for using land for parking and using two barns as incidental outbuildings for the new home.

The confusion from the previous permissions led to disagreements with neighbours and the involvement of the Council’s planning enforcement team to establish the lawful uses. Working proactively with the landowner and Enforcement Officer, McLoughlin Planning worked through the relevant planning history of the property to establish what could be considered lawful and where new consents needed to be sought.

In the interest of providing clarity for both the Council and future landowners of the property, the applicant sought new planning permission for the use of a parcel of land for car parking and for the incidental use of the two barns to provide incidental outbuildings. Following a lengthy planning process, including the assessment of the case by three separate case officers to ensure the description of development and location of red/blue lines on the supporting plans were correct, planning permission was finally granted.

Whilst a comparatively small proposal, this planning application provides a useful reminder of the importance of ensuring the accuracy of red/blue lines on supporting plans submitted and the description of development.

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