Planning Permission Granted for a Replacement Dwelling in South Kesteven

McLoughlin Planning is pleased to have secured planning permission for a replacement dwelling with South Kesteven District Council.

Planning permission had previously been refused for the proposed development, due to the orientation, siting, scale, and design of the proposal when assessed against the character and scale of development on the street scene.

Collaborating closely with the architects at K Design and Development, we were able to work through the reasons for refusal and develop a robust case for resubmission to illustrate how the applicant had responded to the Council’s concerns. This included working with the architect to assess local building heights, window/dormer layout and design, and the size/siting of the proposed dwelling in the plot to ensure the proposal did not result in overdevelopment out of character with the wider street scene.

Following further engagement with the case officer during the application process, it was agreed that the proposal had overcome the Council’s previous concerns and that the new development could be supported. By ensuring sufficient information was also submitted supporting the planning application, the number of planning conditions was reduced and allowed the applicant to proceed with development without the need to discharge any pre-commencement planning conditions.

The proposal offers a useful case study on how a refused planning permission can offer helpful information in assessing a landowner’s options for a re-submission or a planning appeal. In our experience, working proactively with the Council through a resubmission can save time and expenses. Therefore, we advise our clients to treat a planning appeal as a ‘last resort’.

In this instance, the applicant’s willingness to reimagine their dream home in response to the Council’s comments allowed us to secure planning permission in a much quicker timeframe than if we had progressed with a planning appeal. We are so pleased our client can now develop a house they can call their own.

We have had several success stories with replacement dwellings across England. If you are exploring a new residential development and would like an initial free consultation call, please contact Chris Moore at 01242 895008 or Alternatively, you can book a meeting via the “book an appointment” contact form on our website.