Permission in Principle Granted in Driffield, Cirencester

McLoughlin Planning has successfully secured Permission in Principle (PiP) at Cotswold District Council’s Planning Committee to construct 2 dwellings in the village of Driffield, a non-principal settlement near Cirencester.

The most notable aspect of this PiP approval is that it is the first one since the Council adopted their strategy for mitigating against recreational pressures on Special Areas of Conservation (SAC). Until now, it has been considered that PiP applications cannot be granted at all within SAC Zones of Influence because there was no legal mechanism to tie the SAC mitigation payments to a PiP decision.


However, this decision shows the SAC mitigation payments can be paid upfront before a subsequent Technical Details Consent application is submitted.


If you would like more information on PiP applications please do not hesitate to contact:

Joe Seymour