Land at Salford Road, Bidford on Avon

Planning our future built world

Land at Salford Road, Bidford on Avon


This project demonstrates a number of services successfully provided by McLoughlin Planning.

We were originally asked by the landowners to advise on the development potential of the site for housing development. Whilst allocated in a draft Plan for 75 homes, we could see a compelling planning case for increasing the size of the development to 150 homes, by doubling the site area and providing a form of development which was better integrated into the settlement, than had originally been proposed.

The site was subsequently acquired by Welbeck Strategic Land and we assembled a technical team to pursue a planning application on their behalf, citing housing land supply issues and the emerging allocation as the basis for the proposal. In addition, we also worked closely with the Parish Council to explain our proposals and provide reassurance that Welbeck’s proposals would be realised by the ultimate developer of the site.

The application process was complex, involving an Appeal and a subsequent application addressing technical concerns in the Appeal Decision. The second application was approved at Planning Committee, where we were required to answer a number of technical questions posed by members.

The site was subsequently sold to Bovis Homes, who have since developed the site


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