Permitted Development in Cheltenham

Permitted development rights (PD) are typically granted to homeowners who want to extend their property or construct outbuildings. PD rights exist to allow small-scale projects to be completed without a formal planning application, thus lessening the cost and time involved in achieving approvals. If you have plans for a more complicated project, our planning applications in Cheltenham page can provide more information on applying for planning permission.

Planning laws are complex and can be unclear. Some areas have permitted development rights, which allow certain types of development without needing to apply for planning permission. In other cases, planning authorities may issue Article 4 directions that remove permitted development rights. If you’re considering developing land, see our land promotion in Cheltenham page for how our development planning specialists can advise you on your land holdings.

If you want to carry out a type of permitted development or know whether your proposal lies within an area subject to an Article 4 direction, we offer planning consultancy in Cheltenham and can advise you on what type of application is required in order to gain full approval for your plans.

A permitted development extension usually includes:

  •   Porches or conservatories
  •   Outbuildings – such as Sheds, garages, home offices, gyms and treehouses.
  •   Loft conversions – with or without roof extensions
  •   Rear and side extensions
  •   Two Storey rear extensions
  •   Planning rights do not always apply in conservation areas or the Green Belt, or on properties that are listed buildings. They can be cost-effective if applied correctly, but getting them wrong could lead to enforcement action from your local council.


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Prior Approval

Prior approval is a formal application to your local planning authority, and it’s used to seek confirmation of what aspects of a development are acceptable before construction begins.

There are different types of Prior Approval, and each one requires a varying amount of information to be submitted with the application. You may be required to submit the following information:

  • Dimensions of the development (height, width, length, area)
  • Internal and external design and appearance
  • Any impact on transport and access
  • Flooding concerns
  • Noise and air quality impact


Permitted Development and Prior Approval can be useful in certain circumstances. They offer quick, cost-effective solutions to extending your home or business premises.


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