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Informed long term strategic advice and land promotion.

For homes or sites used for commercial use, the process of developing large sites usually begins with an allocation in the local plan. Land that is allocated often increases the value of the property significantly.

Our planning consultants in Cheltenham monitor local authorities for their call for sites and land supply figures to ensure we can best advise our clients on available properties.

When a landowner is looking to sell or develop their property, they can expect to receive a higher price if the regional council’s planning department supports the project.

We carefully monitor appellate decisions to further enhance our ability to advise clients wisely on their strategic land holdings.


Strategic Land Promotion

If you are thinking of selling or developing land, we can help you understand the complicated process of promoting it through a Local Plan, including attending consultations and liaising with local officials.

To realise the capital value of your land, it is likely that you will need to spend money on professional fees for consultants and legal professionals. We are experts at dealing with permitted development in Cheltenham, producing Estate Development Strategies (EDS), which outline several smaller developments over a short timeframe, releasing cash from the land and assisting with the cost of promoting the site for sale as a development opportunity.

The first step in a development project will be to carry out a land appraisal in order to examine the land’s planning potential. For planning applications in Cheltenham, we can determine the strategies that are most likely to end in a successful outcome, such as working on the land promotion at the same time.


We never charge for that initial conversation and investigation into your site or development and we always give you a free initial assessment of your chances of success.

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Proven track record of over 25 years of successful land promotion.

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Over 25 years of experience in the field gives our team the ability to assess land development potential and advise clients about how to achieve that through the local plan process.

You will find that our professionalism, practical solutions and precision lead clients to seek out our services time and time again. We have a wealth of knowledge and an extensive network of esteemed partners and local authorities in the area, meaning even if initial applications don’t go to plan, our planning appeals in Cheltenham provide you with the best chance of approval.

We offer project-management consulting services and provide free consultations to help you understand your options. We are experienced in offering guidance to clients to help them achieve their goals, while presenting the perfect solutions that will meet their needs.

In order to maintain an effective and well run community, we are committed to making a better future for all by designing schemes, dealing with administration, and handling appeals as necessary.



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