New Garden Centre and Cafe

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New Garden Centre and Cafe


McLoughlin Planning is pleased to have secured planning permission for the extension and alteration to an existing Garden Centre, the erection of a new Commercial Storage Building and a new on-site café in South Gloucestershire.

As a result of Enforcement Action being taken against the landowner, we were engaged to review the property’s planning history and the alleged breaches in the enforcement notice to provide a planning strategy to regularise the use of the site. The property had a long and complex planning history, but following a detailed assessment, we managed to establish that the lawful use of the site was a Garden Centre.

As the enforcement notice had taken effect by the time of our instruction, we advised the landowner to comply with the notice. In parallel, we worked with the landowner on preparing a planning application which would allow the lawful business to diversify and secure the necessary on-site secure storage needed for the business’s products and equipment.

Without on-site improvements, the landowner would have been left with a small structure to display goods, and shipping containers to the rear to act as storage for goods and equipment. We made the case that the proposal would allow for the visual enhancement of the proposal site and would support the growth of a rural enterprise by providing a high-end café and garden centre as an alternative shopping option to the adjacent Dobbies Garden Centre.

With close work with the Council, we were able to proactively resolve any queries regarding the development. For example, concerns were raised about whether the business would harm the neighbouring Dobbies Garden Centre; for which we were able to demonstrate that the offering at this business is aimed at a different audience to Dobbies. We were also able to agree with the Council means to secure on-site improvements, such as EV charging, new vehicle hardstanding, and cycle parking.

We are thrilled that the landowner has secured planning permission for a well-designed and high-end Garden Centre and Café. Given the importance small businesses play for the economy, particularly in rural areas, we are pleased that we were able to support the retention and growth of a valuable business in South Gloucestershire. It was a pleasure working alongside Southpoint Architects who were leading on the design.


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