Roof Terrace Alterations

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Roof Terrace Alterations


McLoughlin Planning is pleased to have helped a homeowner in the London Borough of Camden in securing planning permission for amendments and improvements to an existing roof terrace space.

The existing property had a centrally located roof outbuilding which housed a staircase leading up to the outdoor space. However, the structure leaked both heat and rain due to historically poor construction. Furthermore, its central location meant the outdoor space could not be used to its full advantage.

As the property is also located in a conservation area, care was taken to ensure the proposal would also find ways to visually reduce its impact on the street scene and support the visual interest of the historically significant surrounding built form.

Working closely with the architect the initial proposal sought to move the stair opening to the southern edge of the building to provide a modern interpretation of the existing outbuilding which would visually reduce its built form and architecturally provide a distinction between the historic and modern built form. The scheme also includes an air source heat pump to help improve the property’s energy efficiency and overall sustainability.

Unfortunately, the Council raised concerns during the application about the overall design and height of the proposed cover and that this would likely be refused. Despite efforts to demonstrate how the structure complied with planning policies and would not result in the alleged harm, the Council’s position remained too far apart from the applicants to reach a suitable comprise on the design presented. However, in the interest of securing planning permission and a functional alternative, we worked with the architect to address the Council’s objections and proposed an amended opening with shared visual similarities to a Velux window. This would also help provide further access to sunlight/daylight internally.

The Council agreed that the amended proposal addressed their concerns and planning permission has now been granted. We are pleased that working proactively with the Council, architect, and the applicant meant a solution could be presented, providing a more aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor space in time for the summer!



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