Planning Appeals in Cheltenham

We cover construction, conservation projects, master planning and development planning in Cheltenham, but occasionally, despite all our best efforts, a planning case officer will decide not to approve a case. For more complicated projects, our planning applications in Cheltenham page provides more information on getting planning permission.

Our planning consultants in Cheltenham take care of all the details and paperwork for our clients, so if this happens we will explain why and advise you on what your options are for next steps.

Based on our extensive experience in handling such cases, we may advise you to appeal the case officer’s decision.


Our planning appeal and expert witness work includes:

  • Developing a customised appeal strategy
  • Liaison with and instruction of Counsel
  • Managing professional teams, including the coordination of proofs of evidence
  • Expert witness proofs of evidence and appeal statements
  • Acting as an expert Witness at Planning appeal
  • Statements of Common Ground and negotiation with or on behalf of local authorities




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How Long Do Appeals Take?

Appeals provide an opportunity to have a negative planning decision overturned. However, they should be considered as a last resort if all other avenues have been exhausted.

A Planning Inspector, who has no involvement with the council, will hear the appeal and make a final decision on it.

To avoid incurring costs during the appeal process, you should ensure that your case is well-prepared. If an Inspector grants costs, then the losing party must pay for work undertaken during the appeal process.

The timeframe for appeals varies greatly depending on the type of appeal and the nature of the case. As a guideline, written representation appeals take 5-8 months, while hearings or public inquiries can take 7-12 months. Whether you’re trying to get granted permitted development in Cheltenham, or a full-scale project, McLoughlin Planning can assist you in your appeal.

If you are unsure whether a planning appeal or a resubmission is the right way forward for your proposal, then please contact our Cheltenham planning consultants to discuss your case.



We never charge for that initial conversation and investigation into your site or development and we always give you a free initial assessment of your chances of success.

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Our planning consultants have developed strong and well established working relationships with other experts in our field to assist you in your appeal.

We bring together Barristers, Highways Consultants, Ecologists, Sustainability Consultants, Arboriculturist; Landscape Architect and Visualisers where needed to support an appeal.

We do not risk our client’s money without due cause. If we have advised you that an appeal is a valid option, we truly believe that you have a chance at success and that decision is based on our extensive experience in the field.




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