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A planning enforcement notice is a letter sent by the local council to individuals or businesses who have failed to obtain the necessary planning permission before carrying out construction or other operations on land. If you’re concerned about the likelihood of one of your projects getting rejected, our planning applications in Cheltenham section is worth a read as we are experts in planning law and creating bespoke applications. For smaller changes such as extensions and outbuildings, our Cheltenham prior approval team can help advise you on what adaptations are likely to be accepted before you start building work.

A notice from your local council will inform you that you must stop or modify the current use of the land, which may result in the removal of building operations, or for the use of land or buildings to stop completely.

When you receive an enforcement notice, it is important not to panic, but it also mustn’t be ignored. You usually have 21-28 days from the date of service (when the notice was given to you) in which to respond.
A great deal of enforcement cases can be resolved between a the owner of the property and the Council, but in some cases an appeal may be required. Please see our Cheltenham planning appeals page for these cases.

You can arrange a free consultation with our Cheltenham planning consultants to discuss your situation, and we’ll give you our expert advice on how best to proceed.








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Enforcement Time Restrictions

The enforcement of planning regulation is a serious matter, and it arises when there has been a breach of planning control.  Local Planning Authorities have a range of powers at their disposal with which to deal with breaches of planning control in a proportionate manner, in the interest of the public.

The Local Planning Authority has time limits for taking enforcement action, these are:

  • 4 years for “substantial completion” for a breach resulting in operational development (i.e. building works).
  • 4 years for an unauthorised change of use to a single dwelling house.
  • 10 years for any other breach of planning control (essentially other changes of use or breach of planning condition).
  • In the case of unauthorised works to listed buildings, there is no time limit.

When exercising any of its powers, a Local Planning Authority typically invites a planning application to be submitted before moving on to use other powers.










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Enforcement matters can be stressful for all involved, but maintaining open and constructive communication with authorities leads to more reasonable decisions being made.







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